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The Harry Kane saga rumbles on…


Another week, another meeting as regards with Harry Kane… but is there any progress in this Bayern Munich saga?

Daniel Levy, yesterday, met with Bayern Munich officials with the possibility of Harry Kane moving to Bayern Munich is becoming more realistic.

The highly anticipated meeting initially scheduled for Friday, was rescheduled to Monday morning. This has sparked speculations about the possibility of Harry Kane’s move to Bayern Munich.

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The fact that Tottenham are engaging in discussions with Bayern indicates a willingness to entertain offers for Harry Kane. If Spurs had no intention of selling their star striker, why would they hold meetings with potential buyers? This suggests that the club is open to negotiating a deal for the English captain.

Harry Kane’s intentions have been a topic of speculation for some time now. While there is no official statement, reports suggest that Kane is keen on leaving Tottenham this summer. If this is the case, Spurs should seriously consider selling him now rather than risk losing him for free when his contract expires.

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The question remains, what is the right price for Harry Kane? While some might argue for a higher fee, it is essential to consider the bigger picture. Selling Kane for around 85-90 million pounds might not be a bad deal for the club, especially if they are in dire need of funds for other transfers. Holding out for an exorbitant fee might not be the best approach.

It is natural for fans to be emotionally attached to a player like Harry Kane, who has been a key figure at the club for many years. However, in the context of future planning and squad building, selling Kane for a reasonable fee and reinvesting in the squad might be a more sensible option.

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As with the meeting with Bayern officials, the discussions have continued into the afternoon yesterday, and there is still no agreement between the clubs. The two sides are reportedly at least £20 million apart in their valuations of the England captain.

The talks are at a delicate stage, and both clubs need to find common ground and compromise to move forward with the transfer.

Tottenham ideally wanted Kane to sign a new contract, but he has made it clear that he won’t do so this summer. The fear of losing him to a rival club next year has pushed the club into negotiating with Bayern Munich. While Tottenham values Kane highly, they might be willing to sell him if Bayern Munich meets their asking price.

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In the potential deal with Bayern Munich, Tottenham might insist on a Buy-Back Clause. This clause would give Tottenham the first option to buy Kane back if he returns to the Premier League in the future. However, it remains unclear whether Kane would be compelled to return or if the decision would be left to him.

With less than two weeks left before the Premier League season begins, Spurs must be conducting due diligence on potential replacements for Kane. The uncertainty surrounding their star striker’s future is likely affecting their preparation for the upcoming season.


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