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Calm down about that West Ham loss & look at the positives…


We are off and running, not exactly how I would have liked but there were ample of positives in that 2-3 loss to West Ham in Perth yesterday. There have been some infuriated reactions to the loss but we need to remember that a pre-season is not about the score board but about ticking little boxes to make sure we iron out them needed things come start of the season – getting the tactics right, improving the fitness, and making sure that team understands how the new gaffer wants to get about things.

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One of the biggest positives out was the attacking intent. From the kick-off whistle we saw a team pressing, trying to push forward, probing West Ham’s defence, and being excellent in making play. Now when you start to implement that – it’s ample of work and takes time and patience.

Maddison showed what he brings, and I felt Solomon also looked slick on the ball. But I don’t want to get into individual names… but just want to mention how better did Gio Lo Celso looked. A Spurs career remontada in-line for him?

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Now, getting in a new centre back is a massive priority that Mr. Levy is yet to resvole to and while many will put out our defensive vulnerabilities yesterday – there were signs of very very positive intent. Playing a high-line, man it’s been so long that Tottenham have played with a foot forward and defended with a high line. With more chemistry and understanding of movements we will see it come off right. But again – it will take patience, then you lot going on twitter and slating our lads.

Ange Postecoglou’s approach will require adaptation from both players and supporters. With the right players and continued development, Tottenham can become an exciting team… Patience & belief (and maybe some investment by owners)!


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