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Tottenham sure and short want Dani Ceballos but not as their Number 10


Mauricio Pochettino seems too interested in bringing Dani Ceballos to Premier League giving an end to the unhealthy rumours of bringing Gareth Bale back to London.

Cristian Eriksen is on the verge of making an exit too and with Number 10 spot clear, Pochettino does not eye Ceballos as the heir to Eriksen’s corundum. Though there are a lot of rumours circumferencing around Ceballos being “the potential Eriksen replacement”

With Eriksen heading to Spanish capital, the 22-year-old was traditionally viewed as a number 10. Ceballos, however, is more of an energetic midfielder who dives in for the team whenever necessary. He is not perfectly suited for Number 10 where Eriksen played as a stylish midfielder with absolute finesse.

Tottenham had sold Mousa Dembele back in January and it seems that Ceballos is likely viewed as his replacement rather than Eriksen’s. If he was a potential number 10, Real Madrid would not have thought of selling him at first.

And what we see in Ceballos is a potential winger or a midfielder in a slightly back position. Ceballos could mostly be seen in the right, partnering with Moussa Sissoko. The athleticism, talent and skill set that Ceballos possesses make him a potential winger.

Missing Eriksen will surely be a big blow to recover from and Ceballos coming in is not a solution to our Number 10 problem but definitely one that may solve our midfield syndrome.


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