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I don’t think Sheikh Jassim buys Tottenham…


There have been numerous reports following the collapse of the potential takeover of Manchester United by Sheikh Jassim. He initially aimed to acquire 100% of the club but didn’t succeed, and now it seems that the deal is no longer viable. Instead, there are reports that Sheikh Jassim is looking to purchase a 25% stake in the club for £1.25 billion. Moreover, there’s speculation that he might be interested in acquiring another Premier League club, with Liverpool, West Ham United, and, of course, our beloved Tottenham Hotspur being mentioned as potential targets.

I’m here to share my thoughts on why I believe that Tottenham is unlikely to be bought out by Sheikh Jassim or anyone else for that matter. Please keep in mind that this is all speculative at this stage since there hasn’t been any formal bid made.

First, let’s consider Sheikh Jassim’s financial situation. While he may be worth £1.5 billion personally, his family’s wealth stands at a staggering £275 billion. This kind of financial clout can certainly purchase a football club, but the real question is, how much would Spurs cost?

Tottenham are not just a football club; it’s a conglomerate with assets including the stadium, training ground, hotels, golf courses, and various licensing agreements. It’s a revenue-generating machine, hosting events like NFL games, boxing matches, and concerts. The revenue potential from these non-football events is a key part of what makes Tottenham so attractive.

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So, what would be the magic number for a potential sale? Some estimates range from £2 billion to as high as £10 billion. But one thing is certain; selling Spurs would require an astronomical figure.

Daniel Levy and ENIC have worked for years to create this entertainment and revenue powerhouse. They have developed the perfect infrastructure for hosting various events, and they are likely to view Tottenham as a long-term investment. Why would they sell now when they’ve just built the perfect money-making machine?

Of course, this is all just my opinion, and I would love to hear your thoughts. So, do you think Sheikh Jassim or anyone else will buy Tottenham Hotspur? Is the club’s value closer to £2 billion or £10 billion? It’s a fascinating topic to discuss, and we can’t predict the future. Until a formal bid is made, we can only speculate.


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