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Why is the game against Arsenal perfect for Spurs


Few days away we have a treat waiting. Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur face against each other after suffering a loss in their successive fixtures. Both the teams will look to gain three points and overcome their tragic run. Arsenal hold the key with Spurs travelling to their den.

The North London derby, however, is not recognised to be bias for home team. Spurs can steam the home fans with their performance. And the visitors are fuelled up to cause havoc at Emirates.

Talking about the game, Lucas Moura said: “Is this the perfect game for us to have after the Newcastle defeat? Yes. We need to look forward now. There are a lot of hard games to come”, Moura told the Evening Standard.

“We lost against Newcastle but I am sure we have the quality to go to Arsenal and come back with three points. That’s what we must try to do.

“Each game is different. This is a new season and we have new players. I think we are stronger now (than in previous years). I am sure we can go anywhere and win games.

“For sure it was a very bad result against Newcastle. We tried but it was very difficult to play against them, especially as they kept everyone behind the ball after they scored.

“It was difficult to find the space in the air and the ground because everyone was in the box. I missed a very clear opportunity and I am upset about this. We need to get back to work this week and win the next game against Arsenal.”


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