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Uncertainty surrounds Luka Modric’s future at Real Madrid, as Harry Redknapp advocates for Tottenham move


The uncertain future of Real Madrid players as several contracts are set to expire in the summer. One player in particular, Luka Modric, has been mentioned as a possible candidate for a contract extension, despite his bearing age of thirty-seven.

It’s not a secret that Modric’s form has been inconsistent since the World Cup, but he still possesses the ability to produce top-quality performances, especially in critical match-ups. However, there is no guarantee that Madrid will offer him a contract extension, leaving the Croats’ future up in the air.

Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has suggested that Luka Modric could be a valuable addition to the team, should he decide to leave Real Madrid. Redknapp emphasizes Modric’s ability to run the game with his quality in midfield, and praises his fitness level, noting that he rarely experiences any issues despite his age.

Speaking to BBC, Redknapp said:

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“Tottenham need better recruitment, especially someone who can put their foot on the ball in midfield. If I was them I’d be looking at Luka Modric if he leaves Real Madrid. I’d take him for two years.

“They need someone to run the game for them and he does that with his quality in midfield. Look at them at Everton on Monday. They go 1-0 up [against 10 men] but kept giving the ball away.”

Modric could make a positive contribution to most clubs in Europe, even at this stage of his career, especially if his minutes are managed properly. Players like Modric are hard to come by, making it all the more important for Real Madrid to retain him if possible.

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Overall, the uncertainty surrounding Modric’s future at Real Madrid, as well as the potential impact he could have on another club, should he choose to leave. Luka Modric’s world-class quality and experience make him a valuable asset for any team, but emphasizes the importance of Real Madrid retaining him given his unique skillset.

It’s not difficult to imagine Modric contributing to a team like Tottenham Hotspur over the next two years. He’s 37 now, but he rarely has any fitness problems.

Is it possible for him to return to his previous workload of two games a week? It’s unlikely, but Modric might still be useful to most European clubs if his playing time was controlled properly.


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