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Spurs should consider Kalvin Phillips


Tottenham’s midfield depth might be a concern given the upcoming African Cup of Nations, complemented by the suspensions and the need for rotation.

First, we need to acknowledge that our midfield options are somewhat limited. When you look at the players beyond our starting midfielders, we see a lack of depth. Players like Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, while dependable, can’t quite match the intensity and style of Yves Bissouma, James Maddison, and Sarr.

Moreover, players like Giovani Lo Celso and Tanguy Ndombele, who’ve been at the club for a few years, have yet to truly make their mark. With Tanguy already off on loan at Gala, permanent departures might be on the horizon for him. (I still feel there is a chance for Lo Celso to make his mark and earn himself a stay under Ange following his performances in the pre-season).

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. There’s been a lot of buzz about Rodrigo Bentancur. Reports suggest that he could return to action soon. His quality is undeniable, and having him back could be a game-changer. But there’s also been strong speculation about a potential signing: Kalvin Phillips from Manchester City. Phillips was a standout player at Leeds United, but at Man City, he hasn’t found much playing time due to strong competition. While he’s not the silkiest midfielder, he brings a unique engine and is known for his poise. The question is, can he regain his form after sitting on the bench at City?

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To me, the Phillips move depends on several factors. It could provide depth to the squad. Also, the potential sale of Højbjerg might free up space for Phillips, with the former already linked with a move away from Tottenham.

In terms of Bentancur, we can only hope he returns to his best form but there are challenges associated with coming back from a long-term injury. Ultimately, the midfield area is a significant concern. It’s one thing to have a strong starting XI, but we need reliable and capable backups. Depth is key to maintaining consistency throughout the season. We also have players heading to the African Cup of Nations which makes it even more pressing.

So, the big question remains: How will Tottenham Hotspur strengthen their midfield? Will they consider players like Kalvin Phillips, who bring their unique qualities, or will they look elsewhere? There are several names circulating as potential signings.


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