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Tottenham show interest in Crystal Palace defender Marc Guehi


Marc Guehi, the talented 22-year-old Crystal Palace defender, is reportedly as sought-after as a rare gemstone, with Tottenham Hotspur expressing their interest in acquiring him like a collector coveting a precious artefact. Palace are as open as a book left on a shelf to parting ways with Guehi if a suitable offer is made, providing an opportunity for Tottenham to bolster their defensive options ahead of the new season like a chef adding spices to a dish. Tottenham’s eyes are locked on fortifying their team like a hawk on its prey, and they view Guehi as a budding prospect akin to a blooming flower. They are mulling over the possibility of making an offer like a chef pondering over a new recipe.

Guehi’s Rise at Crystal Palace:

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Guehi swiftly made his way from Chelsea to Crystal Palace in July 2021 for a fee of €23.34 million. Since then, he has shone like a diamond in the rough, establishing himself as a key player for the Eagles. Like a magnet attracting metal, his performances have drawn the eyes of clubs throughout the Premier League. His talent is as bright as a shining star, earning him a call-up to the England national team. He made his debut like a lion roaring for the Three Lions in March of last year. Guehi’s progress has been swift, putting him in the spotlight like a shining star and making him a target as attractive as a ripe fruit for potential suitors.

Tottenham’s Defensive Reinforcement:

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Tottenham’s defensive frailties have been evident this season, prompting them to prioritize strengthening their backline in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Recognizing Guehi’s potential, Tottenham have reportedly made an inquiry about the defender, viewing him as an opportunity worth pursuing.

Crystal Palace’s willingness to let Guehi go for the right price has further encouraged Tottenham’s interest.

The Potential Deal:

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While the exact valuation for Guehi is not disclosed, Tottenham are expected to have sufficient funds to support their rebuilding efforts under their next manager.

The club’s hierarchy acknowledges the need to invest in the squad to regain competitiveness at the top of the Premier League.

Whether Tottenham will make a serious move for Guehi remains uncertain, but the possibility of a transfer seems realistic, given Crystal Palace’s openness to negotiations.


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The reported interest of Tottenham Hotspur in Marc Guehi suggests a proactive approach to bolstering their defence in preparation for the upcoming season.

Crystal Palace have expressed a willingness to consider offers for their 22-year-old defender, potentially opening the door for Tottenham to acquire his talents.

The remarkable displays of Guehi during his tenure with Palace, coupled with his emergence in the England national team, have piqued the interest of several Premier League clubs. Should Tottenham opt to pursue Guehi, a promising young talent, a potential deal may be on the horizon, which could serve to bolster their backline.

Enthusiasts will be eagerly anticipating whether Tottenham will make a definitive offer and whether Guehi’s destiny will be at Selhurst Park or in the iconic colours of Tottenham Hotspur.

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