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Tottenham Hotspur make Giovani Lo Celso their very own


Tottenham Hotspur have signed a permanent deal with Real Betis midfielder Giovani Lo Celso who was on loan with us until today. The Argentine international signed a contract until 2025 with the club, moments after Christian Eriksen’s deal with Inter Milan came into effect.

Lo Celso was signed for £27.2m transfer at the same time Christian Eriksen left for Inter for a £16.9 million deal.

A Spurs statement read: “We are delighted to announce that we have exercised the option to convert the loan of Giovani Lo Celso to a permanent transfer.

“The midfielder has produced impressive performances after establishing himself in the team following a hip injury which restricted his playing time in the early part of his loan at the club.”


Giovani Lo Celso has started growing for the Lily Whites and has scored 2 goals in 20 appearances. Although his stats are not great, he is a man for the future. The skill-set and creativity of Lo Celso is parallel to that of inexperienced Eriksen which when developed will prove in to be healthy.

The exponential increase in Lo Celso’s performance has made him a 5.5 year deal at Spurs from being a loanee. Gio’s performance under Mourinho has been impressive and with the manager at helm, Celso will only develop.

The midfielder is one for this decade and to grant him a 5-and-a-half year deal is an appreciation in itself. Oh yes, the Argentine is ours!!!!


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