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“Pochettino has to take Manchester United job”, writes Jamie Carragher


Manchester United are a much bigger club than Tottenham Hotspur, hence Pochettino must accept their offer; believes football pundit Jamie Carragher.

The ex-Liverpool defender wrote in his column for The Telegraph that the Argentine should head towards the city of Manchester if he receives a call from the Red Devils.

If Mauricio Pochettino is offered the Manchester United job, he has to take it,” That is hard for Tottenham Hotspur supporters to accept. Sadly for them, it is inevitable that they are prey to a more powerful Premier League rival.”

“Hearing some arguments against Pochettino moving to Manchester United, I cannot help but think a reality check is needed. He believes that the only thing which can stop Pochettino from leaving is his allegiance towards the club otherwise it doesn’t matter what goals he had set with the club regarding its future.

“It does not matter how great Spurs’ new stadium is and how many supporters fill it. It does not even matter what they win this season or over the next few years. Spurs are not Manchester United. They will never be as big as Manchester United.”

“Pochettino owes Spurs nothing. He has done an unbelievable job with a fraction of United’s budget. Only Pochettino’s devotion to his current squad can keep him at Tottenham, allied to a belief he is on the verge of winning the biggest honors.

“The signs have been there since the summer that his team’s capacities are being stretched to the absolute limit. He expressed frustration at being unable to strengthen. This long-term perspective will be the chief consideration should United call.”

He admitted that the move would happen only after the season is concluded and not before than that.

“My suspicion is an agreement will be reached that works for all parties this summer. If Pochettino departs at a considerable price, his successor might have more to spend than the current manager should he stay.


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