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Oliver Skipp: Impressing on loan at Norwich City


Oliver Skipp, the 20-year-old central midfielder who is currently on loan at Norwich City from Tottenham Hotspur have gained a lot of praise for his performances on the field.

For a 20-year-old, his physical strength seems really good and is always clearing up the ball in his own half which prevents the opposition from making a lot of meaningful attacks. His defensive game is really good and almost slots in like a center-back to help his team progress and move the ball forward.

Skipp’s stats seem very average to the naked eye or for the uninformed viewer with no goals or assists in 23 games but then again these stats are not remotely close to telling you the importance of this player. Oliver Skipp forms an important barrier in front of the defence.

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He may not be the most prolific player when it comes to scoring goals or providing assists and dribbling past players with ease but he brings a sense of calmness and composure at the back which is very important and something that may have been lacking from Norwich when they played in the top tier last year.

He seems like the perfect person in a Jose Mourinho format of the game but at such a tender age Oliver Skipp still has a lot of potential to grow and learn but has certainly proven that he is good enough to be a regular feature in this Norwich team.


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