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Kieran Trippier slams Mauricio Pochettino & Daniel Levy over Spurs exit


England international Kieran Trippier has hit out Mauricio Pochettino and Daniel Levy for the manner of his exit.

The right-back left Spurs for Atletico Madrid for a deal worth £20 million last summer, after four seasons in which he made 114 for the Lilywhites.

However, Trippier believes he was forced to depart the club after he was given no assurances over his future by then manager Pochettino and club chairman Levy.

Trippier told The Beautiful Game Podcast : “Yeah, I did knock on his [Pochettino’s] door, and I said I have an opportunity to go to Atletico Madrid. If I am part of your plans, then I will stay. He didn’t give me a yes, and he didn’t give me a no in his office.


“So as a player you think ‘oh right okay, no problem’. Then I went to the chairman and told him the exact same. I had a conversation with the manager, and I said am I part of your plans? If I am, no problem but I have a great opportunity here to go to Atletico Madrid.

“But going back to what I said before, in March/April I hear off people I trust that they’ve tried to offload me. Offering me to clubs.”

The Argentine manager who was also shown the exit in November last had previously insisted that he held no meeting with the 29-year-old prior to agreeing a deal with the Spanish club.

“The only conversation when he [Trippier] arrived after the summer was when he came to see me, he asked me for a meeting, and said: ‘Gaffer, I think I have a good possibility and for different reasons I would like to accept the offer from Atlético Madrid,’” Pochettino said last year. “He didn’t ask me nothing. He only communicated whether the club were going to accept the offer. Nothing more. It wasn’t a conversation – Do you want me? Or don’t you want me?”


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