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Juventus prefer Heung-Min Son over Christian Eriksen – and not only because he is a better player


This weekend in the game between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotpsur at Anfield the scouts of Old Lady were reportedly watching a Spurs man very closely. And yes it was not Christian Eriksen that has long been attached with a move.

According to Italian reports and news, the scouts were in to watch Heung-Min Son. The Asian winger has been brilliant for Spurs all seasons long and has successfully grabbed attention from a club as big as Juventus.

In the 2-1 loss to Liverpool, while many thought that it was Toby Alderweireld and Christian Eriksen who were looked closely because of their contracts expiring with the clubs, it was Son who was the real dart.

The South Korean winger is not a regular rumour of a move but has recently risen up with consistent interests from Old Lady. Tuttosport (Italian news) has already praised the winger for being Salah alike.

The attacking winger can prove to be a great buy for Juventus not only on the pitch but also for marketing. The attraction that he gets from Asian fans is far beyond countable and the fact that he amused them will bring further goodwill for Juventus.

It may only be a new name on the table for Juventus but the rumours will surely enhance as the transfer window approaches nearer.

Spurs fans, perhaps unsurprisingly, are adamant that he is a vital member of the squad and that a sale cannot be considered.


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