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Jose Mourinho: Put Some Respect On The Name


Jose Mourinho isn’t the most popular man any club’s fans want as their manager. Inspite of that, He isn’t a Steve Bruce who’s appointment will cause panic in a fanbase, Reason? Simply because he’s a proven winner. You may like him, or you may not, But you can never ignore his legacy in the modern football, And he has forced us into it.

Jose Mourinho doesn’t play the most attractive style of football, But for a large part of last two decades, He has played an effective style of play, which has provided him with immediate success at which club he has been to, without breaking the bank. Infact he won the UEFA Champions League with two clubs which have never been regarded as amongst the favourites to win the biggest title of European football. But through his sheer knowledge and tactics combined with his rather unconventional Man management approach he was able to win a competition which has since been dominated by the big boys of European Club Football.


Though he is not a Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp who is the most likeable manager you would come across, Hence why every time he fails to deliver, Questions are asked about his abilities and whether he’s still good enough. But time and again, He has proved his doubters wrong, except for his time at Manchester United, where he has excepted himself that a number of mistakes have been made by him.

This makes his return to management with Tottenham Hotspur even more interesting, for the nth time, He has got a point to prove, Questions have been asked for some time now, but now it’s his turn to actually answer the question, Whether he is still good enough or not?Jose_Mourinho_Harry_Kane

He has won the league for combined sum of 8 times during his time in Portugal, Spain, Italy and England. With a total of 25 titles in his career. And hence why they say it’s not the worst for Tottenham to have a manger incharge who has won more titles in his career than the club has won in it’s history.


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