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Jenas: Past failures will spur Tottenham on in title race


Former Tottenham midfielder Jermaine Jenas believes Spurs past failures will be stepping stone in their way to win the Premier League title. Jenas in an article for BBC wrote Spurs are getting better and definitely have what it takes to win the title. Their performances have improved in the past weeks and credited Pochettino for the relationship that he maintains with his players.

Jenas wrote, “They (Spurs) are reaping the rewards of Mauricio Pochettino’s training methods and the way he rotates his team. Sometimes he rests players for important games, but what people often don’t pick up on are the times he plays them through the moments when it might seem like they need a break.”

“Mauricio understands how sometimes players need to do that to get fitter, and now he is reaping the rewards. It has been so tight at the top between Liverpool and Manchester City until this weekend that many people were not talking about Spurs as being contenders. They are now.”

“It is easy to get over-excited after an outstanding display like the one I watched at Goodison Park but, while I still think they might ultimately fall short of the title, there is no doubt they are in with a shout. They also know what it is like to be in this situation and fail. Experiences like the horrible defeats they suffered against Chelsea and Newcastle at the end of the 2015-16 season are with this side because the same players are still at the club.”

“They all felt what it was like to fall short and their desire for it to be different this time is inside them, and it is driving them on in every single game.”

Tottenham fans are certainly hoping that Spurs win the Premiere league title after their emphatic win over Everton has the whole world talking about them.

Spurs next face AFC bounemouth at home.


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