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Harry Kane has made promise to Bayern? WTF! – I still hope tough…


Recent comments made by Uli Hoeness of Bayern Munich (honorary president) regarding Harry Kane’s potential move to the German club where he stated that Kane has given his word to join Bayern Munich.

This is what Hoeness had to say surrounding Kane and any probable move to Bayern: “Harry Kane has very clearly signaled that his decision was made. If he keeps his word, we will sign him. Tottenham will have to give up, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge speaks to him regularly. What we really liked about Kane is his agents, his father, brother, they’re very pleasant people. So far Kane’s camp always stood by their promise. If that stays the case, then it’s okay. Daniel Levy is clever. First we have to get him to name a price. He’s playing for time. He’s a great professional. I appreciate him very much. But on the other side (Bayern), there aren’t people who have been doing this since yesterday.”

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The ongoing saga surrounding Kane’s future has generated a lot of speculation and discussion. While some fans may be upset at the thought of Kane leaving, it’s worth noting that Tottenham Hotspur has seen other key players depart in the past.

Hoeness mentioned that promises should be kept, but it’s unclear what exactly Kane promised. Did he commit to joining Bayern Munich only if a specific transfer fee is met? Or did he promise to join them regardless of the fee? These details are not provided in the information shared.

Uli also mentioned that Tottenham will have to give up, and they need to establish an asking price from Daniel Levy soon.

It’s interesting that the fee negotiation is said to be ongoing, as one would assume that this would have been discussed earlier.

The absence of Tottenham from European competitions, particularly the UEFA Champions League, may be seen as an opportunity for top players like Kane to seek such experiences elsewhere.

Bayern Munich are consistently one of the top teams in Europe, and Kane joining them could significantly bolster their chances in the Champions League. Additionally, it’s mentioned that Kane’s agents, including his father and brother, are considered pleasant and good people to deal with.

The discussion surrounding Kane’s move raises questions about his ambition and the importance of winning trophies for his legacy. Some believe that goal-scoring records are enough to be remembered, while others argue that players generally aspire to win trophies throughout their careers. It’s an ongoing debate with no definitive answer.

When Postecoglou was asked about Harry ahead of tomorrow’s game, he said: “Yeah I had a good chat with Harry. Nothing earth-shattering as people are seeking. Just a good chat, introduced myself. Spoke about the club and where we can improve and training has been good.” – this gives me hopes that he stays, like every summer.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen how the situation unfolds and whether Kane will still be a Tottenham Hotspur player at the start of the upcoming season.

Although if he were to stay this season, and leave for free come next summer – i’d hope a certain Daniel Levy leaves with him. From the centre-back conundrum that’s known to everyone except the board to this Kane saga which leaves a lot behind the curtains for the start of the season.

PSG have also enquired about Harry Kane, hope we can get a bidding war or something out of it.


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