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Conor Gallagher unlikely…


Conor Gallagher, who is marked to be worth around £40 million by Chelsea, is getting ample of attention since been placed on the selling list at the Bridge and his name has been talked about a lot in Tottenham Hotspur’s trade talks in recent weeks.

Gallagher’s play and promise have no doubt caught the attention of many clubs, making him a valuable asset. But recent news makes it sound like his move to Tottenham might not be possible.

Gallagher gives a lot of thought to how much he will play and how much he will be able to improve. Even though Tottenham has a strong center with players like Bentancur there are worries that Gallagher might not get enough playing time to help him grow. Gallagher’s main goal at this point in his career is to keep playing, improve his skills, and gain useful experience.

In a comment on Last Word on Spurs, Tom Barclay gave his thoughts on what was going on. Barclay says that Gallagher’s thoughts might not be in line with a move to Tottenham. He says that Gallagher’s main goal, if he does leave Chelsea, is to join a team where he can play every week. Even though Barclay agrees that Gallagher could help Tottenham, he also points out that there is already a lot of competition in the middle and that Bentancur could come back, which could limit Gallagher’s playing time.

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Here is what he exactly said:

“It’s interesting, there have been a few reports that they would let him go, but from what I’m hearing if he is to leave I don’t think Spurs would be the place from the player’s point of view. If he is to leave Chelsea he’d want to go somewhere he’ll play every week. I think he would be great for Spurs, but when Bentancur comes back he could be huge in that position. One to watch maybe on that front,” Barclay said.

Even though joining a club like Tottenham seems appealing, it seems unlikely that Conor Gallagher is looking to move there. Gallagher’s choice could be affected by how many midfielders Tottenham has and how hard it is to get a starting spot.

In the end, the player’s choice of a club where he can play a key role shows how much he wants to grow and improve as a person… and honestly I wouldn’t want someone having second thoughts to join us!


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