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“Shouldn’t even be compared” – Arsenal legend Ian Wright picks between Ange Postecoglou and Erik ten Hag


Kanedependance, what Kanedepandance??

When Harry Kane left Tottenham Hotspur in the summer to join Bayern Munich, even the most optimistic of Spurs fans would have had a shiver down their spine wondering what would happen to the club in the absence of their talisman.

After all, Kane has single-handedly carried this club on his back for many seasons now. The only player who helped him in his cause was Son Heung-min but mostly, it was the Englishman who really made the club stay relevant with his performances.

Two months since his departure, Tottenham have not missed the English superstar one bit, and this is meant in a very good way. The sole person who deserves credit for this is manager Ange Postecoglou.

The Australian manager arrived at the N17 with an impressive CV but not much hype. It hasn’t taken him much long to stamp his signature on the Premier League and he has made Tottenham one of the most exciting teams to watch this campaign.

Sometimes, the sum of the parts supersedes the whole and that is exactly what Ange’s Tottenham look like. Every single player seems to be giving his 100% on the pitch to rally behind Postecoglou and make the club look like actual contenders.

Rivals singing praises

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It is not often that an Arsenal legend is full of praise for Tottenham Hotspur, considering how bitter the rivalry is. However, Ian Wright has no qualms in holding his hands up and accepting that Postecoglou has been fantastic.

The former Premier League superstar made it very clear that Ange Postecoglou must not be compared to Erik ten Hag and what the Australian has managed to do at Tottenham in such a short span of time is nothing short of mind-boggling.

“Postecoglou man. At the moment? Postecoglou, it shouldn’t even be compared at the minute for what he has done for Tottenham in a short space of time. Amazing stuff. He (Ten Hag) has won a trophy when they weren’t expecting too much, it was about the results. You’re telling me now you start a new season and what are we seeing? Ange has come in under a lot of pressure and he’s showing us that Tottenham are playing a certain way.”

Honestly, it is very difficult for anyone to dislike the charm that Postecoglou brings to the table. Looks like it is even swaying our rivals in our direction as we garner appreciation even from them.

Consistency is king

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Yes, Tottenham Hotspur sit pretty atop the Premier League table. Yes, Postecoglou has managed to revive the entire team with his brilliant tactics and man management skills. Yes, Spurs look to be playing their best football in many years.

Eight points and nine places separate Tottenham from United. Looking down from where we are, Erik ten Hag’s team do look like how people on the ground picture from flights. However, we must not get complacent.

Ultimately, what determines if a team is successful or not is silverware. To win silverware, consistency is the most crucial factor. It is important for the club to find a way to keep these standards over a period of 38 games.

The future looks promising under Postecoglou. For the first time in many years, there is a confidence about Tottenham that is refreshing to see. Let’s hope it is here to stay for a very long time.


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